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Everything You Should Know about Pillow

What is a pillow?

Pillow gives us a comfortable and soothing night’s sleep. It raises and cushions the head and neck. Most surprisingly, it provides proper spinal alignment. This post will let you know how to choose the best pillow that is comfortable and supportive. If you select the right pillow, then you can easily rest on it.

There are different types of pillows, but each pillow is ideal for different types of sleepers. These types of pillows are polyfoam, memory foam, down, alternative down, and latex. Along with these types, many people want less common varieties such as buckwheat pillows and water pillows.

Types of pillows

There are many types of pillows. If a customer chooses a pillow manufacturer, he would consider whether the pillow manufacturer can wholesale to the complete variety. Keep in mind that the best pillow manufacturer will give you a good variety of products from which they can choose accordingly. You can purchase the best pillow from these varieties and understand the many possibilities when you are shopping for your next pillow.

  • Feather pillows

Feather pillows are very soft and give you a great fit and support. In these pillows, high-quality feathers are used, which are smaller in size and highly curled. If you want to go for wholesale pillows, then you can also find feather pillows.

  • Down pillows

Down pillows are somewhat new to some customers. Now the question arises what are down pillows. The answer is; down pillows are the gentlest and soft pillows. So if you choose any pillow manufacturer, then he must have down pillows. They are the best choice for giving you ultimate and exceptional luxury. They are very lightweight, fluffy, and cozy.

  • Memory foam pillows

Everyone knows about memory foam as they are very much famous in the market. It is therefore essential to find the best memory foam pillow manufacturer.

The good thing about the memory foam pillows is that they are self-adjustable to their original shape. Most surprisingly, they have the capability of giving your head, neck, and shoulders to rest in a natural position. They are present in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fortunately, they are bouncy and bounce back to their original shape at different speeds.

  • Microbead pillows

As the name depicts, microbead pillows are made up of tiny beads. These beads are called unexpanded polystyrene (EPS). They give you hard support and ideal for use while traveling. This is the main reason they are also called travel neck pillows.

  • Buckwheat Pillows

If you are looking for hard support pillows, then they are the best choice. They are fully natural and plant-based as they are filled with husks from buckwheat seeds.

  • Sleep Apnea pillows

To accommodate the octopus tubes and cords of the CPAP machine, these pillows are specially designed. Sleep apnea pillows consist of foam or polyester fiberfill. You can use these pillows with your machine’s help to make sure that they would be the perfect fit for you according to feel and height.

  • Neck pillows

As a manufacturer, if you have the wholesale neck pillows, it will greatly benefit your sales. These are specially designed to support your spine, head, and neck. Neck pillows can give you a comfortable sleep.

  • Body pillows

As the name depicts, the body pillows are usually larger, which is typically 54 inches. You can place the body pillows between the legs to support your lower back. They are ideal for hugging and snuggling up. Moreover, they are the best choice and lifesaver during pregnancy.

  • Lumbar pillows

Lumbar pillows are ideal for people with lower back pain. Mosty, they give you great support just above the lumbar area. So in this way, your lower back relaxes naturally.

  • Wedge pillows

As the name shows, the wedge pillows have the shape of a triangle. They are good for supporting different parts of the body and usually comprise polyester fiberfill, foam, or both. If you want to prop your upper body while reading, then they are the ideal one. For this purpose, wedge pillows are used for the elevation of the legs and feet. During the second or third trimester, females also use wedge pillows to prop up the belly.

  • Cushion

Normally people use cushions while sitting on a sofa or a hard chair. They increase the comfort while sitting. Cushions are made up of various materials such as non-woven material, polyester, staple fiber, hair, wool, feathers, or even paper torn into pieces.

Although people search for potential pillow manufacturers but unfortunately, they keep on ignoring the cushion manufacturers. This thing will affect your business. So you must have the cushion materials and covers as they tend to have more variety than pillows.

This is the main reason; we must have the cushion inner wholesale and the cushion cover manufacturers. 

Best Material for pillow

Whenever you look for pillow manufacturers, you must have a check whether the manufacturers can customize different materials or not. Mostly, the manufacturers can easily customize the cushions into the following steps.

Pillow filling material

There are nine types of fillings are used in the pillows: Synthetic, Latex, Wool, Feather & Down, Cotton, Microbead, Memory Foam, Kapok, Buckwheat Hull

1. Latex

The pilows made from the latex material retain their shape for the life of the pillow. They are usually made from the sap of the rubber tree. The latex material is equipped with several good properties such as its anti-microbial nature, resistance to dust mites, low allergenic, and resistance to mold and bacteria. They are also washable, and make sure that you have read the care instructions attached to the pillow.

Benefits of a Latex Pillow

  • Long-lasting and flexible
  • These pillows will be long-lasting if you take proper care of them. Keep in mind that you prevent it from sunlight or extreme heat as there is a danger of perishing at a faster rate. With proper care, the latex pillows have a life span of 15+ years.
  • The body moisture will easily dissipate because this pillow has a well-ventilated and aerated interior.
  • Latex pillows are ideal for people with respiratory problems. Additionally, the latex material is anti-bacterial to inhibit the bacteria and fungi.
  • They are washable and can be maintained with easy care.

2. Down pillows

Down pillows have the undercoating of a bird’s feathers. These pillows are very fluffy and soft and can hold their loft up to 3 times longer than synthetic alternatives.

The best quality of the down pillows is Hungarian goose. Otherwise also known as white goose down

 Advantages of Down Filling:

  • Durable and long-lasting: The down pillow is durable and is long-lasting with proper care.
  • Light and cuddly: As the down pillows are made up of feathers, that’s why they are very lightweight, soft, and cuddly.
  • Biodegradable and recyclable: Down pillows are durable, and the good thing is that they are biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Great support for neck and head: A down pillow is moldable so that you can use it freely. It will therefore give you great support for your neck and head.

3. Feather pillow Filling

Many pillow manufacturers add some amount of feathers, which is very helpful in slowing down degeneration.

Advantages of Feather Pillows:

  • Lightweight and soft
  • Cheaper than down pillows
  • Malleable and moldable

4. Polyester Fiberfill Pillow Filling

The most popular thing about polyester fiberfill pillow filling is that they are cheaper than other types of pillows. They are also known by their trademark name, which is Poly-Fil.

Although, Fiberfill is not very breathable still it is lightweight and easy to clean. It will be the best option for winters to easily absorb and retain the body heat. Sometimes, the fibers clump in some areas and make the pillow feel flat and lumpy.

Polyester Filling Advantages:

  • Lightweight filling and easy to clean
  • Ability to retain the body heat
  • Cheap price  

5. Memory Foam Pillow Filling

Memory foam pillow filling is somewhat different where the manufacturers use polyurethane along with other chemicals.

Advantages of Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Fill:

  • Comes with a fantastic support
  • Malleable and moldable
  • Does do not form clumps

6. Buckwheat Hull Pillow Filling

This pillow filling is breathable and malleable. Even buckwheat hulls are considered to be the best and ideal pillow fill.

Advantages of Buckwheat Hull Pillow Filling:

  • Extended life-span
  • beatheable promotes an efficient airflow
  • Eco-friendly
  • Malleable and moldable
  • superior support than another pillow filling
  • Maintains the shape

7. Microbead Pillow Filling

A microbead pillow filling is also called uniform polymer particles. Most surprisingly, we do have the same characteristics as buckwheat hulls. So they are also the best option in promoting airflow. Moreover, they are also malleable and moldable. Although they are not very eco-friendly, they are still a great option for comfortable pillows.

Advantages of Microbead Pillow Filling:

  • Maintain its shape and offer good support for the head, neck, and Shoulders.
  • keeps you cool at night because of the breathable feature

8. Kapok Pillow Filling

Kapok pillow filling is fluffy cotton-like material containing hundreds of seeds. It is also called Ceiba pentandra and is a tropical tree native to Mexico. It is a light brown and soft fiber and sometimes also known as silk cotton. Its soft and silky nature makes it a better choice than down or polyester pillow fill.

Advantages of Kapok Pillow Filling:

  • Eco friendly
  • does not contain any toxic material

9. Wool Pillow Filling

Wool Pillow Filling is different from other types of pillow filling. The wool filling is a breather yet is equipped with insulative properties. This is the main reason it is uniquely used in different types of products. Wool pillow filling is widely used in various products such as blankets, carpeting, insulation, clothing, and upholstery.

Advantages of Wool Pillow Filling:

  • Breathable
  • Does not contain potentially toxic materials

10. Cotton Pillow Filling

Cotton is the ideal material for pillow filling. It is more firm than other pillow fillings such as down or polyfill.

Advantages of Cotton Pillow Filling:

  • Free of any toxic material
  • Odorless
  • Breathable
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