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ZOYI is the leader of OEM/ODM mattress manufacturer in China since 1993. ZOYI mattress manufacturer can produce various mattresses with materials including memory foam, rubber, natural fiber. At the same time, ZOYI mattress manufacturer accepts different mattress sizes to fit any and all sleep needs, from traditional sizes to custom sizes. Moreover, if you want to wholesale protector cover that matches the mattress, ZOYI can also give you what you need. Click here to wholesale mattress protectors >>

  • Min Order: 100 pcs
  • Available Mattress Types: fiberglass mattress, air mattress,  horsehair mattress, rubber mattresses, memory foam material, etc.
  • Availeble Mattress Cover Material: cotton, cashmere, latex, and wool.
  • Custom Options: custom material, size, shape, private label, logo.
  • Professional OEM/ODM service: Custom mattress production services for global mattress suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers
  • Available Mattress Size: king size mattress, full size mattress, queen size mattress, twin mattress size, small double mattress, single mattress size, etc.

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Why Choose ZOYI Mattress Manufacturer?

Below is a summary of the reasons why you choose ZOYI mattress manufacturer.

  • ZOYI wholesale mattress manufacturers can provide super competitive prices. (Factory Direct Sale), allowing each customer to earn more profits.
  • ZOYI wholesale mattress manufacturer provides have professional product quality inspectors who can ensure that every order is of high quality.
  • ZOYI wholesale mattress supplier has a mature and efficient global supply chain. It has been in operation for more than ten years.
  • ZOYI bulk mattress supplier have its own warehouses and distribution networks in many regions.
  • ZOYI bulk mattress manufacturer can provide a minimum order quantity of at least 100.
  • ZOYI mattress manufacturer has lots of experienced designers to provide popular mattress designs.
  • ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification.

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