3kg of duvet is less than $100, do you dare to buy?

Some friends around me asked me whether they win the lottery or something, some merchants said that $100 could buy 3kg of down comforters.

The price of down raw materials has been high, 95% standard goose down has reached nearly $100/kg at present. $100 could buy 3kg of down duvet? Are you kiding me???

( Down cluster picture)


Down alternative/ Down Fiber/ Feather Fiber are down?


There are some materials called down alternative on the market. You think it is related to down, wrong!  Down alternative even have nothing to do with down, down alternative materials are polyester. Don’t let the name fool you, meanwhile the warmth of these materials is far from down raw materials.

(Down alternative picture)

The essential distinction between Feather/down fiber and down cluster is, down is composed by ball fiber, while feather/down fiber is the linear form. So after using for a period of time, the fluffiness will decrease and the warmth will be greatly reduced.

(Down/feather fiber picture)


Use crushed down/feather fiber as down

Fancy everyone’s sensitivity to the price of the duvet is high, bad businesses in order to seek profiteering, will break duck or goose feather as down; You may not know that duvets made of crushed feather fiber, which are easy to drill and carry a lot of bacteria, are banned by the state.

This kind of duvet, clap the quilt before buying, if you feel the fill power of quilt is not high, the resilience is not good, but the weight is heavy, you should be careful, it may be crushed feather!

Check the fluffiness of duvet is good or not when you buys duvet! The duvet should be relaxed and smooth first, placed naturally for three minutes, and then pressed by hand to see whether the quilt can bounce back quickly to its original state. If there is no bounce back, then you should doubt the quality of this duvet.


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