Has the “expiration date” of your quilt passed?

We are very concerned about the validity of food, I believe that you must check before eating! But we have never paid attention to our own quilt and pillow, such as thinning? Harden? Have peculiar smell, etc., in fact these problems are due to expiration.

Three features for quilt expiration

Obvious thinning: Look at the effect after folding, found that the tile can not be spread.

Feel is hard: fiber resilience becomes worse, after absorbing moisture, fiber knot board.

Strange smell: It is caused by accumulated saliva and bacteria.


Cotton should be changed every three years


As cold as iron, Du Fu began to complain about quilts more than a thousand years ago. Hygroscopicity of cotton is good, while its moisture discharge is poor, easy to knot board and affect the density. Although often bask the quilt, but the moisture that accumlates for a long time can make quilts more and more hard, affect warmth. Now there are no bouncing cotton makers, although the new cotton quilt is good, but after three years to change it.


Polyester quilt is replaced every two years


The polyester quilt is made of petroleum refining. In the process of carding cotton, because there is no binding force between the fibers, the fibers will naturally shrink and break with the increase of the service life, resulting in no cotton on the four corners and four sides. After several rounds of vacuum compression, the elastic energy of fiber compression and recovery decreases significantly, and the quilt do not keep warm. This kind of quilt is cheap, do not regard as treasure, abroad change every year, I proposal changes two years to be more appropriate.

Duvets change every 10 years


The special structure principle of the down material in the duvet makes it more durable. Because duvets are washable and cleaner, they last longer than any comforter. But the duvet must pay attention to: do not damage the fabric, as far as possible to reduce the number of washing, avoid drilling down, according to previous tests, washing frequency will increase the chance of drilling down. In the use of down duvet the most need to pay attention to prevent damage and reduce the number of washing.


Silk quilts change every ten years


The fiber of Silk is long enough, the hand-drawn silk tire can keep fluffy and not deformed for a long time, so the use time is relatively long, properly maintained, can be used for a longer time. But do not use vacuum compression bag to store, do not expose to the sun, keep dry, otherwise easy to reduce the service life; The length of time for silk is used depends entirely on whether you maintain properly, but if it is washed silk quilt, can not do ten years.

The above time is only in the case of proper maintenance, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, and can not achieve this number of years, we must cherish the bed products.

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