A letter from the goose!

According to the goose planet statistics: Japan duvet penetration rate reaches 100%, Europe and America penetration rate reaches 90%, foreign five-star hotel penetration rate reaches 100%; The penetration rate in China is 5%. But 80% of the world’s countries use Chinese duvets.

As a noble goose of the goose planet, I want to talk to you about why Japan and the West are more willing to use us.


We’re not allergic.

We are natural animal protein fiber, your human skin is also protein, so from the comfort of the point of view, we are the most suitable material; Because we are all animal protein, it will reduce the occurrence of allergic problems, applicable to different people.


After 120℃ high temperature disinfection, more healthy

You’ve been thinking about whether we’re clean or not, actually you have no need to worry. We are free-range geese, the life is relatively healthy, and we have to go through 120℃, continuous 30 minutes of steaming, drying disinfection, any bacteria can not survive; It’s safer than the others.


Lowest carbon emissions, protect the planet

You have been saying that the PM2.5 level is too high and you attribute the reason to barbecue and car exhaust. Our carbon dioxide emission per kilogram of down is only 533 grams, which is the lowest among all textile materials. Instead of being a keyboard man, take action!


It’s used at -40 ℃ to keep you warm

Our down is a three-dimensional spherical fiber, full of a large amount of still air, with the temperature changes and shrink and expand, produce temperature regulating function; It can be used from 25℃ to -40℃. You see the North and South Pole science examination, who did not wear us to protect the cold? Use me when you’re cold.


It has strong hygroscopic and hygroscopic function, and resists rheumatism.

The rate of rheumatic patients was 2% in foreign countries and 17.39% in China. Although it was related to the environment of health and autoimmunity, it was also related to our quality of life and habits. The strong dampness function of down is the immune shield of rheumatic diseases; It can be very good care.


The most durable quilt, passed down three generations

Selected from the Arctic Circle (43 degrees north latitude ~ 53 degrees north latitude) goose down, after machine and manual selection, a duvet with 95% down content, fabric service life of up to 30 years, filled down service life of up to 70 years. In some European countries, it can even be passed down for three generations.

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