All brushed colth is cotton?

All brushed cloth are cotton?  No! Not only cotton, but also polyester can be brushed cloth.

I saw a lot of comments: after buying it, consumers realized that it was not pure cotton. People misunderstand the brushed as material, thinking that as long as it is brushed, it must be pure cotton. Please note that brushed is just a craft!

What are the good features of brushed polyester?

Fiber strength of polyester is good, so polyester cloth can not shed hair; The polyester has poor water absorption, so it is not easy to fade and shrink; That’s why some customers in brick-and-mortar stores who buy brushed polyester, say others’ cloth is faded, shrunk, and lost color, but the cloth they bought for dozens of yuan is not like this.

It seems that brushed polyester has many advantages, but when you use it in winter, you will find that the polyester cover is very hot, because the air permeability of polyester is very poor. When you are hot, you want to kick the quilt, immediately catch cold;

Moisture absorption performance of polyester is also poor, once you get hot and sweaty, you will feel the water beads rolling on the fabric.

How about the brushed cotton?

Cotton is a natural fiber which is hypoallergenic, breathable, absorbs moisture and soft.

As intimate bedding, comfort and health and safety are the first priority, and everything else is just icing on the cake.

In the dry winter season, the static electricity released by polyester friction is harmful to the human body, and it is also an allergen material.

Of course, polyester is not bad, only not suitable for close-fitting use, if you do shell, quilt cover A version of the fabric is no problem.

But close-fitting parts remember to use pure cotton or natural material is better, after all, whether skin-friendly properties, or air permeability, pure cotton is the best.

How to distinguish brushed pure cotton quickly?

Choice of bedding first is to see the material! How to quickly judge whether the brushed four-piece set is pure cotton? The first is the weight, a set of brushed four pieces is twice as much as the ordinary cotton, and the brushed polyester is lighter. Secondly, the feel of brushed polyester is smoother and sticky to the touch feeling.

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