Do you know how to air your quilt in summer?

Quilt often sun has many advantages: First, it can avoid the wet state of mites breeding; Second, it can also maintain the quilt well, Third, to increase the service life of the quilt, and ensure physical and mental health. There are a few tricks you need to know to air the quilt.


Not all materials can be sundried!


Cotton quilt can be exposed for a long time, but polyester quilt and tense quilt is not suitable for a long time exposure, burning may occur.

Protein quilts (such as silk, down) can not be exposed for a long time as well, otherwise it will only destroy the grease on the quilt, fiber aging in advance, the loss outweighing the gain.

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Pay attention to cleaning before drying as well!


Summer quilts can be washed, so we must first clean. Focus on the dust inside, some mites body feces, as well as human dander, to reduce the resulting allergy.


Avoid long time and long frequency!


Summer temperature is high!!  When drying the quilt should pay attention to the time period, 10 am to 2 PM time is better; Bask in time with 2 hours inside had better.

If you insolate the quilt for too long, too much frequency will cause the fibers to become brittle and fall off.


Not only need to sun the A side of the quilt, but also the B side!


Quilt must pay attention to uniform insolation. Most of the time, we only sun the quilt on one side, seemingly you’ve got your quilt in the sun, in fact, moisture and mites ran to the other side, so we must repeatedly sun on both sides.


Cover the quilt with a sheet!


When sun the quilt, it is best to cover a dark old sheet, which mainly plays two roles: 1. Prevent dust from falling on the quilt; 2. Avoid fading of quilt fabric; A lot of quilts are damaged in this way. In particular, some light-sensitive fabrics need to be paid attention to to avoid yellowing.


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