What’s the difference between a $15 four-piece sets and a $50 four-piece sets ?

My friend told me that she bought one pieces of four bedding sets on the Internet, and it is also good! I asked her what it was made of and she said it was pure cotton! OMG!!! $14 cotton four-piece sets. Is the boss doing charity? So I asked her, do you know what pure cotton is? She looked at me blankly…

Most of the time, we just hear the boss say “This is pure cotton!” Never know what is “pure cotton”! In-depth ask, the boss “very professional” cheat you: content of more than 75% of cotton, is pure cotton! Isn’t that bullshit? The so-called pure, is not mixed with a little impurities, remember !

What is really pure cotton/ 100% cotton?

At this time you should take a careful look: 100% cotton is pure cotton, other are not pure cotton, commonly for polyester cotton or cotton polyester (polyester cotton refers to polyester more and cotton less, on the contrary, is cotton polyester). At any time, with the content of polyester or polyester fabric close to the skin may cause allergic.

Sometimes merchant use polyester- cotton fabric, labeled 100% cotton cheat you. You can judge by touch feel, generally pure cotton scratch a few times, there will be obvious fold marks. Instead polyester- cotton will not have this situation as its fabric is quite broad and good elasticity. That’s why we need to chose a reliable supplier and brand.


What is the real high count high density fabric?


Yarn count density determines the quality of a four-piece set, low grade cotton and general comb cotton can not make high count and high density fabric, because low grade cotton fiber short, strength is not enough, and there are many impurities in low-grade cotton, it can not spin the line of high-count yarn. It is doomed to not weave high density if it is not high-count yarn. Therefore, high-count and high-density cotton are selected, such as long stapled cotton.

High count means how many 840 yards can be spun in 1 pound of cotton. 40 counts means that 40* 840 yards can be spun, which means that more yarn can be spun for the same weight of cotton. According to the current standard, the high count and high density fabric at least 80 yarns, the total number of warp and weft yarns of more than 600, and this kind of fabric can only be used long staple cotton. Remember: if the business claims 40, more than 300 is high density fabric, that’s not ture !

Although all are pure cotton, but high count high-density fabric compared with ordinary cotton, feel more delicate, fabric more soft, better gloss, close skin better performance. Judgment can be through the touch fabric feel, look at the fabric gloss, drape performance (softness) and fabric yarn fineness to observe the contrast.

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