What harm does bed product insolate have?

The sun is very hot in summer, everyone likes the sun, so the quilt, bed sheet, pillow are taken to expose, actually not to say that exposure can effectively kill mites. Mite is not a fool. He hides! So sun exposure is not an effective way to kill mites!

And I’m telling you, it does more harm than good. According to our previous observation, the following problems generally occur in bed exposure:

Fabrics fade


Bedding is not suitable for long insolation, can make fabric fast fade. Originally dark color becomes light, color becomes fuzzy and so on. Because dye in light irradiation, it will absorb light energy, resulting in dye decomposition and fade, especially with gray, powder, blue more sensitive.


Fabric become brittle


In the process of fabric exposure, due to different degrees of cleavage in the sun, the fiber macromolecules are broken, the molecular weight decreases, and the strength decreases. One day, you accidentally pulled the fabric, it may be broken, you do not feel strange, because the fabric aging in advance.


Fabric will shrink


Cotton, silk, wool, Tencel … are of good hygroscopicity, inevitably meet the problem of shrinkage. When the bedding is cleaned, the fiber absorbs enough moisture and begins to expand, but when it is exposed to the sun, the moisture is quickly evaporated, making the fabric shrink abnormally, affecting the use.


Therefore, we should pay attention to, reflect on why our bedding is easy to fade, easy to shrink.  It may be caused by sun exposure.


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